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Mission Statement

The mission of the District 128 Foundation for Learning is to enhance and enrich the instructional program in Community High School District 128 by obtaining resources through community partnerships.


The Foundation will accomplish its mission through districtwide support for

A. Student development.

1.    Provide resources for educational enrichment programs and activities.

2.    Extend opportunities for a quality education in areas beyond what is provided by the School District.

3.    Provide resources for unique student learning opportunities.

4.    Provide resources to ensure the success of students in need.

B. Staff excellence and creativity.

1.    Provide resources for innovative and creative instructional ideas and programs.

2.    Support unique opportunities for the development of employees.

3.    Provide support for staff to bring additional learning resources to the classroom and school.

C. Attracting resources from diverse sources.

Overview of Foundation

The District 128 Foundation for Learning provides resources for innovative and creative instructional ideas that enrich the experiences and programs for students in Community High School District 128. Founded in 2007, the Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, autonomous, tax-exempt organization. It is led by a group of dedicated local community leaders in business and education who want to make LHS and VHHS the best they can be. The seed money for the Foundation was donated by the trustees.


The Foundation gives District 128 schools the ability to offer students programs and opportunities beyond those already afforded through regular funding. Students benefit by being able to participate in unique programs and activities that may not have otherwise been available to them. Teachers benefit by being able to enhance teaching and learning opportunities in their classroom. The Foundation is also a powerful way for alumni, community members and interested companies to identify and fund learning experiences above and beyond those financed through tax dollars.

Why do we do this?

  • We believe in our students, teachers and our community.

  • We believe in life-long learning.

  • We want to provide the BEST quality education

  • We want to encourage creativity and excellence.

What the Foundation means to D128 students and D128

Community High School District 128 - Consistently recognized among "The Best"

Thanks to your commitment and support, Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools’ academic, athletic, community education, fine and performing arts and student service programs are consistently recognized as being among the very best in the country.

At a time of unprecedented social, political and economic change, District 128 high schools are not only keeping up, but are uniquely successful in their efforts to help students become productive adults and responsible citizens. The District’s successes can be seen not only in standardized test scores and graduation rates, but also in the awards it receives, including:

*Bright Red Apple Award of Excellence based on criteria such as academic performance.

*SchoolSearch Bright A+ Award of Academic Excellence honors districts with academic performance in the top 5% of school districts in Illinois.

*U.S. News & World Report's list of "America's Best High Schools"--one of 505 schools out of 18,000.

*Expansion Management magazine rates schools on a variety of indices. The District scored 149 out of 150 possible points.

Success Stories and Testimonies

What students and staff are saying about the opportunities made available to them by the Foundation for Learning:

Students are motivated in different ways. This is another way to reach out to an entirely different group of students. I have enjoyed seeing the progress the students have made as they have enrolled and worked with the program on their own. It has empowered them to take their own initiative to improve without the teacher coaching them through the music at all times. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity

Fran Fatta, Music Teacher and Grant Recipient, VHHS

This has been great. To create an opportunity to identify our leaders across age groups and interests. To see students from both schools share the day and the many messages they participated in. Feedback was very positive.”

Nancy Stevens, Student Assistance Program Coordinator and Grant Recipient, LHS

This grant has provided the opportunity for students to capture the flavors and diversity of grains from around the world. We are so grateful to have had the chance to introduce this concept to our culinary students.”

Leslie Nardini, Jeanne Wolff, Kelley Whitescarver, Family and Consumer Science Teachers and Grant Recipients, VHHS

It is very exciting to premiere a new composition. It is even more exciting to have that piece composed just for your school and to know that on the top of the music it will say—composed for Vernon Hills HS Jazz Strings—for everyone to see in the future.”

Jazz Strings Student