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2012-13 Grants

2012-13 Innovation Grant Winners:

APPS and iPads to Reinforce Learning for PAWS Students – The purchase of four iPads and multiple apps for PAWS (Programs Assisting With Success) students will help them in a small classroom setting each day to assist with homework, organization, study techniques, etc. in order for students to succeed in school. VHHS-Alyssa Clarke, Adam Lueken, Jason Newburger, Beth Richards, Nancy Shipley, Laura Tracy; Awarded $2,000.00

Webcam and Software – To provide social studies teachers with webcams and software in order to create lessons for students to access anywhere, anytime.  “Flipping the classroom” gives teachers and students more time to analyze primary sources, have larger and more meaningful classroom discussions, as well as work in small groups. LHS-Casey Aubin, Dennis Duffy, Jeff Mallon, Lauren Rust, Matt Thompson; Awarded $2,000.00

Dye Sublimation Printing – Graphic Communications students will learn to use this printing technology in the lab to print high-quality images on a multitude of surfaces, such as t-shirts, mouse pads, license plates, metal, ceramic mugs, etc. LHS-Jeremy Gerlach; Awarded $2,000.00

Composer in Residence – The choirs will commission a composer to visit the school to discuss, collaborate, and work with students on writing and performing a composition. The choir students will perform this piece at the school as well as at the Illinois Music Education Conference in Peoria, IL. VHHS-Jeremy Little; Awarded $1,412.56

Chemistry Magnetic Student Activity Boards – This project will provide magnetic whiteboards and manipulatives to enhance atomic concepts and allow all Chemistry students to create visual representations of many chemical concepts. LHS-Maggie Faulkner, Katti Jablenski, Karen Kym; Awarded $1,261.00

Using a High-Speed Camera to Enhance the Learning of Physics – Physics students will use a high-speed camera to record a “fast-action” event, i.e., jumping, throwing a ball, etc. and analyze it in terms of velocity, acceleration, force, momentum, free fall, and projectile motion. This will coincide with what the students will be studying in class during that semester. VHHS-Jason Rush; Awarded $1,000.00

International Languages Week – During International Languages week, one day is dedicated to providing a unique cultural experience for all current language students. Foundation funding would allow foreign language students the opportunity to experience an authentic musical, theater, or dance performance that they would not otherwise have the chance to attend. LHS-Elaine Petricca, Angela Naylor, Emily Koerner; Awarded $2,000.00

Screen Casting and Innovative Informal Assessments with iPods – The purchase of six iPods will allow students to create videos on new material and example problems to present to the class. The iPods will receive and transmit information from student to teacher through use of the Nearpod app.  LHS-John Taylor; Awarded $1,929.24

The Effects of Skin and Hair Products on the Integumentary System – Human Physiology students will evaluate the various raw materials used in everyday personal care products such as lotions, scrubs, shampoos and conditioners. Students will be introduced to the materials, run various tests on them, and learn the reasons why the industry uses those materials. LHS-David Kreutz; Awarded $2,000.00

Health Related Strength in the Core Physical Education Program – Students will work with various non-weighted equipment to increase their strength in the core physical education class. Through the use of this equipment, students will perform multiple exercises that use body weight and resistive movement without traditional weight plates and bars. This will improve the students’ health related strength, which is a core outcome of the physical education program. VHHS-Denise Caton, David Schroetter; Awarded $1,413.91

Special Services Reading Program (Start-to-Finish) – Through acquisition of a three-year site license, this online reading program will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills in struggling readers, in particular the Special Resource and Tutorial departments, using a wide variety of age-appropriate reading materials. LHS-Lynda Ward; Awarded $1,512.90

By George I Think I’ve Got It! Using Gas Chromatography to Identify Unknown Organic Compounds – Gas Chromatography is an analytical technique which will be used by AP Chemistry students to identify various organic functional groups, such as alcohols, aldehydes, and keotones in unknown organic compounds.  LHS-Sherri Rukes; Awarded $2,000.00

Pencasting with Livescribe – This project will allow the teacher to create digital notes as well as lessons for math students to view on the Internet before the lesson is taught.  It will allow students who are absent to watch and listen to lectures done using Libescribe so they do not fall behind. It will also allow students to preview the material ahead of time and come to class prepared with questions for discussion. LHS-John Taylor, Tim Roegner, Amanda Warfield, Caitlin Bye; Awarded $867.00

Wall Mount Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filler – The environmental club, VH2O, would like to purchase a drinking fountain that includes a water bottle filler. This will encourage students to carry refillable water bottles, thus reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that are disposed of and end up in landfills. VH2O hopes to coordinate the fountain installation with Earth Day on April 22, 2013. VHHS-Karen Day, Ellen Macias, Sarah Stoub; Awarded $1,293.00

Writers’ Week 2013 – Last year, innovation grant funds were awarded to bring world poetry slam champion Buddy Wakefield to LHS. More than 800 students saw him and were inspired by him. The Writers’ Week committee would like to bring another famous author to the school to speak to students about writing. LHS-Craig Schmidt; Awarded $2,000.00

Best Buddies Fair/Carnival – Best Buddies is a school club and an international organization which helps students with significant developmental disabilities have additional social outlets with other students in a more intentional way. This project will allow LHS to sponsor a one-day county-wide event for students and their buddies from other Lake County school districts. LHS-Lindsay Bransen, Nancy Stetter; Awarded $650.00