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2007-08 Grants

2007-08 Innovation Grant Winners:

*Stop motion studies for physics students using webcams and special software. (Suzanne Torrence-LHS)

*SmartMusic software that allows students to record themselves and receive instant feedback on whether notes are played correctly or not.  (Fran Fatta-VHHS)

*Allow for the study of ethnic foods from around the world by providing the specialized cooking equipment necessary for this culinary journey.  (Kelley Whitescarver, Connie Perez and Leslie Nardini-VHHS)

*Provide outside speakers for lunch periods for student leadership group.  Speakers address leadership, positive role modeling, influencing peers, etc. (Nancy Dick-LHS)

*Develop a website for the district coalition Community Partnership for Healthy Youth Serving the Libertyville/Vernon Hills Area to Reduce Underage Drinking and Substance Use. (Nancy Dick-LHS and Margaret Pither-VHHS)